Mikael Nyström expert inom Windows Server, Windows 8, System Center, MVP
Mikael Nyström
Dave Kawula expert inom System Center, MVP
Dave Kawula
Shanti Lindström expert inom Security
Shanti Lindström
Tommy Clarke expert inom MVP
Tommy Clarke
Björn Brolin expert inom Security
Björn Brolin
Markus Lassfolk expert inom Security
Markus Lassfolk
Kent Agerlund expert inom System Center, MVP
Kent Agerlund
Johan Arwidmark expert inom Windows Server, Windows 8, System Center, MVP
Johan Arwidmark
Johan Blom expert inom Security
Johan Blom
Fabio Viggiani expert inom Security
Fabio Viggiani
Henrik Garpenrud expert inom Exchange
Henrik Garpenrud
Kåre Rude Andersen expert inom System Center
Kåre Rude Andersen
Hasain Alshakarti expert inom Security, MVP
Hasain Alshakarti
Marcus Murray expert inom Security, MVP
Marcus Murray
Geek Week - Building a DataCenter or Private Cloud [5 days]
Join Markus Lassfolk and Mikael Nyström, Microsoft MVPs and highly experienced datacenter builders, in this full week of intensive hands-on training based on all real-world experience. You will learn how to build the next generation datacenter using a private cloud based on Microsoft components and design. The hands-on labs are based on their experiences as professional IT consultants, but also through cooperation with Microsoft during an early stage of the deployment of the platform. You will learn how to configure and use Microsoft System Center and Hyper-V with software-defined networking and software-defined storage, including hardware choices and scaling. There is no other training that provides the amount of knowledge and information you will receive during these intensive sessions. And, by the way, when we say “experienced datacenter builders,” we mean that Markus and Mikael build at least one datacenter every month and sometimes more.

The Geek Week includes 5 nights hotel, breakfast and lunch!

Date Location Instructor Price Amount  
Sep 18, 2017 Berlin, Germany 4495