Cybersecurity holistic health check

Cybersecurity holistic health check

In a cybersecurity holistic health check, we analyze the organizational and technical approach to cybersecurity through a holistic perspective. The health check will present the current state of the organizations' resilience from cyber attacks and provide a GAP analysis of the desired state of your organization compared to the current state.

Our cybersecurity advisors are renowned experts in the field of cybersecurity. They have deep knowledge about what really makes a difference in securing an environment but also in the most used frameworks for working with cybersecurity. They bring with them real world experience from all our work with incident management where they are incident managers. The health check is conducted through a series of interviews with the organization’s employees and management staff.

For maximum insight to the current holistic state of the organizations’ cybersecurity resilience, the cybersecurity health check can, and should, be combined with a security health check.

Cybersecurity Holistic Health Check provides your organization with:

  • A current state of the cybersecurity controls within the organization.
  • A detailed report of the findings from the health check.
  • A roadmap with both technical and organizational tracks to help the organization improve its cyber resilience.

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