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Security must be a primary concern in software development. With more than a decade specializing in secure development, Truesec has a proven record in designing, building, and reviewing applications from a security, architectural and maintainability perspective. Our methodology is focused on finding the right level of security for the customer and helping them achieve that level. We can do this either by extending and enhancing your existing team with our expertise through assessment, coaching, and targeted engagement, or by Truesec designing and developing the required features fully.

TrueSecs Development Team

In modern application development, security must be present throughout all parts of the development process, from planning and governance to monitoring of applications in production.

It is common for application teams to work in an agile fashion where releases are increasingly frequent, and the development pipeline is crucial to both the productivity and security of the project. Even if releases in a project are not frequent, it is important to understand the strength in “shifting left” in security, where additional focus is put on prevention of vulnerabilities over finding the vulnerabilities when they are already in your codebase, or perhaps even deployed to a production environment.


If You Need:

Service List

  • Security Therapy
  • Software Security Initiative
  • Application Security Champion
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Threat Modeling Exercise
  • DevOps and CI/CD Security Assessment
  • Secure Development
  • Code Review


Custom Training and Workshops 

Truesec has experience in a wide range of platforms and systems beyond what is listed among our typical assignments. We can prepare and perform training and workshops in security, embedded systems, distributed systems, software architecture and much more. 

Contact us and we will see what types of training and workshops we can deliver for your specific needs!

You can find our Secure Development Trainings here


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