2020: The end of the (Windows 7) world - live webinar

17:00 - Feb 28 - Live webinar

With Windows 7 end of support less than 2 years away, you may already be getting worried about what happens next. Will IT be facing a desolate, post-apocalypse landscape or the green pastures of a utopia ready to handle any Windows servicing challenge?


In this live webinar on February 28th, Microsoft MVPs Johan Arwidmark, Maurice Daly and Steve Campbell (1E), will provide insights and actionable recommendations on:

  • The Windows 10 roadmap and why you’ve got to upgrade and make it a process not a one-off project.
  • The different scenarios for upgrading to Windows 10 and the relevant challenges (including some of the less obvious ones like how to manage offsite/remote workers).
  • Demonstrations of the automation possible to relieve the stress and increase the chances of success.

Take this event as an opportunity to streamline and automate your Windows servicing to make it an on-going process not a traumatic one off project.

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Johan Arwidmark Enterprise Mobility & Chief Technology Officer, TrueSec
Johan Arwidmark, Enterprise Mobility & Chief Technology Officer, TrueSec
Maurice Daly, Microsoft MVP - Enterprise Mobility & Principal consultant, TrueSec
Maurice Daly, Enterprise Mobility & Principal consultant, TrueSec
Steve Campbell WSS Technical Evangelist, 1E
Steve Campbell, WSS Technical Evangelist, 1E

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