Datacenter & Cloud roadshow

09:00 - Nov 13 - Nov 16 - Göteborg, Malmö, Stockholm & Umeå [Sweden]

It's crucial to understand what the future has in hold for you as an IT technician or administrator. During a full day event Markus Lassfolk and Mikael Nyström, MVPs and consultants at TrueSec, share their experience in building data centers.

Datacenter & Cloud roadshow - a TrueSec event

Few thought it would happen, but now we are here. When Windows 10 was released “As a Service”, only a few thought it would happen on the server side, but now it’s our reality. Windows Server, System Center, Azure, and Office 365 is now following the same cycle as Windows 10.

Markus and Mikael are your guides during TrueSec roadshow

Markus and Mikael is presenting TrueSec roadshow

To give you an understanding of where we are heading, as well as what improvements and cost savings can be achieved with new ways of working with Microsofts technologies, Markus and Mike are going on a tour through Sweden. They will visit:

  • Göteborg 13/11
  • Malmö 14/11
  • Stockholm 15/11
  • Umeå 16/11

Check out the agenda and sign up to Datacenter & Cloud roadshow here!

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