Time for the most important security event this year - Cyber Security Summit 2017

09:00 - Oct 9 - Oct 10 - Hotell Rival, Stockholm [Sweden]

With a few strokes of a keyboard, nation states, hacker organisations, organized crime and rouge individuals can launch a cyber-attack. From anywhere. At any time. Possibly disrupting and damaging your business! On October 9-10th, we’ll present a holistic perspective on IT security with a global standpoint.

TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017 - the most important security event 2017!

Live on stage, we’ll demonstrate the latest attack methods & present tangible action plans to secure your data and IT.

Leading security experts on stage

Several the most sought after security experts and award-winning speakers, are gathered. Ready to share their knowledge and experience from real customer cases.

Leading security experts on stage Cyber Security Summit 2017

Their experience ranges from the Swedish intelligence service and police, to authorities, banks, insurance companies and global organisations. TrueSec has performed over 1,000 penetration tests, Red Team exercises and incident investigations. Based on that experience, they will show an accurate picture of the current security level and how it should be improved.


A jam-packed agenda

We’ll cover all areas Attack, Protect, Detect and Respond:

  • Current cyber threats like Petya, Cloudbleed, Promethium, Neodymium, etc.
  • Main technologies for detecting cyberattacks.
  • How to
    • build defence strategies that works.
    • handle identities in complex environment
    • protect your applications in the cloud
  • If and how AI and Machine Learning works.
  • New trends in cyber security strategies.

This is a chance to deepen your technical knowledge in cyber security and stay ahead of your game!



October 9-10, 2017

Spoken language



Livestream 2 990 SEK excl. VAT (Apx. 314 Euro)
Attend in Stockholm 4 390 SEK excl. VAT (Apx. 460 Euro)


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