Next Generation of Windows Infrastructure - Infrastructure Summit 2017

09:00 - Jun 21 - Stockholm or livestream

On June 21st, a few of the world leading experts on Microsoft’s infrastructure are gathered on stage in Stockholm. Johan Arwidmark, Markus Lassfolk and Mikael Nyström will demonstrate how to install and manage Windows 10 Clients with ConfigMgr Current Branch, how to set up Peer Caching, BranchCache and BITS, and also how to build Storage Spaces Direct and network solutions in Windows Server 2016. All live on stage and according to best practice!

TrueSec Infrastructure Summit 2017

All information is produced for this event only and is based solely on the expert’s experience. They will show you how to do it right from the start, but also what pitfalls to avoid . Save plenty of time and money – do it right from the beginning!

A full agenda with technical live demos on how to:

  • build and deliver dynamic and automated platforms
  • get a quick network with Network Controller, SLBMux, NAT, etc.
  • use of Configuration Manager Current Branch to manage the client
  • use Peer Caching and BranchCache in Windows 10
  • use PowerShell with components such as Flow, SMA, Runbooks and DSC
  • and much more!

If you have questions, we guarantee that you will have an answer by the end of the day! 

Check out the agenda and register today!

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