Infrastructure Summit 2019

09:00 - Nov 21 - Nov 22 - Stockholm

For you who wants to learn how to build secure IT infrastructure based on Microsofts products. Attend in Stockholm, Sweden, or via livestream.

22 million SEK is the average cost of a data breach today. To get back full access over your environment takes about 225 days, reported IDG on September 2. Alarming numbers, but you can act to minimize the risk and hurry up your recovery. That’s one of the reasons why we put up this two days conference. To share our knowledge of how to design and build secure IT for the future. 

Last year the attendees said that “this is the best and most important event”. This year we have let active members of Windows User Groups vote about the content, and it’s more relevant than ever!

98% of former attendees recommend Truesec Summit to their colleagues.

Now it’s time to invite your colleagues into a technical deep dive, to meet other IT Pro’s from the industry with the same challenges as you face and to build your toolbox for the future.

Sign up or read more about TRUESEC  Infrastructure Summit 2019! [Swedish site]

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