Mega Geek Week 2018 with TrueSec experts

09:00 - May 28 - Jun 1 - Elfviks Udde, Lidingö [Sweden]

Last years MEGA Geek Week, an event arranged by LabCenter, was a true success. On May 28th, it's time again, and this year TrueSec is represented by four experts - Hasain Alshakarti, Johan Arwidmark, Markus Lassfolk, and Mikael Nyström.

TrueSec presents at MEGA Geek Week 2018

A Geek Week is a concept where the participants spend five days together with the instructors. It’s 100 % focus on new technology with 24/7 access to leading industry experts, sponsors, plenty of time to spend with other geeks, and many other activities to this traning. 

Geek Wee​ks featuring TrueSec experts:

During the lab exercises, you will get important insights from the experts. They combine their many years of experience to teach you all you need to know, learn from their experiences, know-how, and tips & tricks.

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Registration is open for the the one and only full-service training session for IT Pro’s.

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