NECC Cyber Security Industry Day ft. Security Expert Davide Girardi

08:30 - Sep 5 - Sep 5 - 15:30

Hacking a mainframe, sounds like a mission impossible. But Truesec security expert Davide Girardi, is one of seven in the world with this cutting edge expertise. Now he will have a talk discussing a novel technique to get a reverse shell and route traffic through a mainframe.

BSP Davide Girardi speaking event truesec
Davide Girardi, Cybersecurity expert TRUESEC

Davide Girardi is a TRUESEC Cybersecurity Expert. He is one out of seven in the world, doing research and creating tools for mainframe security testing. He has more than ten years of experience in attacking and defending complex network systems. All based on Windows, Linux, mainframes, OS X, and other Unix-based operating systems.

On September 5 2019, he has been asked to speak at NECC Cyber Security Industry Day in Karlskrona, Sweden. His talk will be about how to access mainframes.

This is not just for hacker, but can be interesting for techies who need to work on a mainframe still using clear-text communication and do not want to expose information over the network.

If you have the time, check out his session here!



A cyber security company alliance
Truesec is one of the member companies of BlueSciencePark. North European Cybersecurity Cluster (NECC) is a cooperation between science-parks and their companies in the north European region. More than 80 cybersecurity companies are represented as members from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Iceland.

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