Open ID Connect seminar with Hasain Alshakarti

17:30 - Mar 14 - LabCenter, Stockholm [Sweden]

On March 14, Hasain Alshakarti and DXter Jonsson invites you to an evening seminar that covers "Open ID Connect - How does it work in practice?".

Hasain Alshakart Open ID Speaker TrueSec Hasain and Fredrik are your happy hosts during this evening event.

The security experts are reviewing how the new Open ID Connect protocol in ADFS 4.0 works. They will also talk about why and how it is a game changer when it comes to identity information sharing, and how to use this protocol in its proprietary applications.

“We will also summarize the work of the past few years with ADFS 4.0 and Open ID Connect and how it has touched the pot in the world of identity, both for IT technicians and developers.” – Hasain Alshakarti.

As usual when Hasain and DXter gives a presentation, PowerPoint is exchanged for PowerShell and prescriptions are exchanged for field experience and realistic demos. ☺

The presentation is in Swedish.

Experts: Hasain Alshakarti and Fredrik DXter Jonsson 
Time: Wednesday March 14th at 5:30 PM
Venue: Oxtorgsgränd 2, Stockholm [Sweden]

17:30-18:00 Meet and mingle
18:00-19.00 Session 1
19:00-19:20 Paus
19:20-20:40 Session 2
20:40-21:00 Q&A’s

The event is recorded and is broadcasted live.

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