Tech Talk - The rise of leakware

14:00 - Mar 11 - online

11/3 - 14:00 - Live Tech Talk

Get to know all about Leakware

Ransomware remains a hot topic but leakware is taking the stage by storm. Truesec has for a long time been battling data exfiltration as a secondary objective in relation to ransomware, and it is not a new occurrence.

However, exfiltration has commonly been the secondary, and not primary objective. This is where a notable shift in focus has started taking place, meaning that organizations need to adapt accordingly and protect what will be the most valuable assets of tomorrow.

Don’t miss this weeks Tech Talk with Truesec experts Rasmus Grönlund and Mattias Wåhlén.


Key learnings:

  • Insights into the latest trends of ransomware and leakware
  • Data exfiltration and leakware/ransomware attacks is nothing new, but there is a change in focus by the threat actors
  • Leakware changes the focus on protection and detection, where sensitive data and assets increase in priority compared to central infrastructure
  • Protecting a database or the laptop of the CEO increases in priority



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