Truesec Cyber Security Summit 2020, March 11-12

Cybercrime is becoming the most profitable business worldwide. By 2021, cybercrime will have a turn over greater than all drug trade in the world. Secure IT is necessary for survival. The attack surface increases constantly when more devices is being introduced into an organization. And threat actors have access to better attack methodologies and tools. Many organizations are not ready yet. But we'll get you there!

Cyber Security Summit 2020

At Truesec Cyber Security Summit 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden, our experts will share their knowledge about current threats and challenges that we face in modern IT environments, describing real-life cases and practical solutions that makes a true difference.

Expert insights

The best cyber security specialists in the industry will be on stage. Sharing their extensive knowledge with you.

Based on real experience

We will reflect on true customer events and cyberattacks, we have worked with over the last year. All knowledge comes from firsthand experience of our expert teams.

Livestream and recorded

If you can’t attend onsite, you can attend on livestream. All attendees will get access to the recording safter the event to watch again and again and again.

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