Truesec Tech Insights 2021

09:00 - Jan 28 - Jan 28 - Online

Welcome to Truesec Tech Insights, get some insights and recommendations from our expert´s based on 15 years of experience in incident investigations. What measures are taken, how are they implemented and what are the recommendations that minimize damage and prevent future attacks?

Important information about upcoming event – Truesec Insights!

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the event to the future – this is due to FHM’s new restrictions. We want to be clear that we will carry out the event as soon as possible and we hope for the end of January. We will return with new information via email as soon as we know more. Registration below is still open to anyone who is interested and wants to participate.

Truesec’s Cyber ​​Incident Response Team (CIRT) probably investigates the most data breaches in Sweden.
Our CIRT monitors daily the development of various types of carried out attacks on companies and organizations. Most recently, five extensive attacks were investigated in parallel and the capacity is continuously increased as the number of data breaches becomes more, more advanced, and extensive. To put cybercrime in relation to other crimes, Cybercrime is expected to cost the world more than 60 trillion sek (6 trillion usd) by 2021. That is a higher amount than the total value of the drug trade in the world! If we do not counter the attacks, they will be even more and in even higher amounts.

The number of cyberattacks continues to increase and costs society enormous amounts of money, pain and suffering
Awareness and activities to combat cybercrime are increasing, which is good! Unfortunately, there are still few who proactively protect the business against data intrusion given the risk it entails.

Why is it like that? An attacker is often perceived as anonymous and the entire risk scenario as abstract and unlikely, until you are sitting with really concrete and business-critical problems in your lap. It is a great challenge to understand how to protect yourself and it requires knowledge of how to act when an attack occurs to minimize damage. Let us help to clarify these issues.

The lesson is, businesses want to do the right thing and seek support to navigate to a solution that protects digital assets effectively and ensure knowledge of how to act in the event of an attack.

We run the Event Live from our studio with our experts gathered on stage. Welcome to a packed program that you do not want to miss. In addition to conversations in the studio, there will be demos, analyzes, panel debates, and of course discussions with the opportunity to interact with our experts.

We start at 09:00 and round off the day at 15:00.

This event is in Swedish: 🇸🇪

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