TrueSec at TechDays 2017

- Oct 25 - Oct 26 - Kistamässan, Stockholm [Sweden]

To develop new innovative products and services based on new technology and AI, is the focus at this year’s TechDays 2017. The topic certainly raises questions, but also many new ideas. This time TrueSec proudly presents five experts on stage to inspire and share their knowledge in the area.

TrueSec presenting at TechDays 2017

Five TrueSec consultants on stage

Hasain Alshakarti, Marcus Murray, Markus Lassfolk, Mikael Nyström and Peter Löfgren are running three Pre Confs and four regular sessions altogether. They will also be around throughout the conference, available to discuss your questions and challenges.

Peter – first time presenter at a Pre Conf

Extra exciting is that our infrastructure expert, Peter Löfgren, is running a Pre Conf for the first time. Together with Jörgen Nilsson, they’ll share insights into how to survive the change to Windows as A Service, talk about the future of client management and share some tips and tricks.

We record and share a few sessions

Are you not attending TechDays or want to see the sessions again? Get access to a number of recorded sessions from TechDays 2017. The lecturers are Hasain Alshakarti, Marcus Murray, Markus Lassfolk and Mikael Nyström.

Get the full playlist at TrueSecs YouTube-channel.


Check out all our sessions at TechDays 2017 below

PRE CONF Tuesday October 24th
  • Windows 10 – Client Management Now and in the future. Speakers: Peter Löfgren, TrueSec and Jörgen Nilsson, Onevinn
  • Next Generation Datacenter. Speakers: Mikael Nyström and Markus Lassfolk
  • Hur du möter krav frn GDPR med Microsoft Security Platform eller IT-säkerhet värd 20 miljoner euro. Speakers: Mårten Thomasson, Marcus Murray, Mats Hultgren and Hasain Alshakarti
Wednesday sessions October 25
  • What’s new in Windows Server Fall 2017 Update and Windows 10 Creators Update 1709?
    Mikael Nyström & Markus Lassfolk
  • Infrastructure as code in the real world
    Mikael Nyström & Markus Lassfolk
Thursday sessions October 26
  • Cybersecurity for the most challenging requirements – Part 1: Protect
    Marcus Murray and Hasain Alshakarti
  • Cybersecurity for the most challenging requirements – Part 2: Detect
    Marcus Murray and Hasain Alshakarti
  • Cybersecurity for the most challenging requirements – Part 3: Respond
    Marcus Murray and Hasain Alshakarti
  • Microsoft Azure Stack – Take it to the next step
    Mikael Nyström & Markus Lassfolk

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