Windows as a Service - according to Mikael Nyström

13:00 - Mar 24 - Ericsson Globe

"Windows as a Service - What does it mean to me?" asks Mikael Nyström, when he takes on the stage at Dustin Expo 2017 on Friday, March 24th.

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Introducing new Windows 10 from a technical perspective is easy, but switching from managing a product to a service is different and some companies do not know how it works.

During this year’s Dustin Expo, Mikael Nyström will explain and demonstrate the necessary changes.

Learn how to:

  • prioritize what must be done
  • in which order
  • understand what parts you should spend your precious time on

For those who want to learn how Microsoft’s operating systems and services will look like in the next 10-15 years, do not miss this.

“I hope to see you there” – Mikael Nyström

The seminars are free and no pre-registration is required. See the website – Dustin Expo 2017.

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