Cybercriminals keep up with the security landscape – do you?

We Help You Build Security Into Software and Processes

In modern application development, security must be present throughout all parts of your development process, from planning and governance to monitoring of applications in production. Use Truesec's professional team to make the right decisions in your projects with assessments, coaching, or by us designing and developing required features fully.

Security Must Be a Primary Concern in Your Software Development

Adding IT Security to Your Development Process

It is common for application teams to work in an agile fashion where releases are increasingly frequent, and the development pipeline is crucial to both the productivity and security of the project. Whether you are agile or more traditional in your methods, security must be present throughout all parts of your development process. We'll get you there!

Build It Right With the Right Resources

Secure development isn’t achieved by pointing out what’s wrong, but rather encouraging to do it right. With more than a decade specializing in secure development, our team of developers has a proven record in designing, building, and reviewing applications from a security, architectural, and maintainability perspective. One of our unique strengths in the business is deep operative expertise in building secure applications.

State-of-Art Methodology to Achieve Your Objectives

Our methodology is focused on finding the right level of security for you and to achieve that level. We can do this either by extending and enhancing your existing team with our expertise through assessment, coaching, and targeted engagement, or by Truesec designing and developing the required features fully. Doesn’t that sound like music to your ears?

We Support Your Objectives and Will Guide You in the Right Direction

Tell us, what do you need?

Our Application Security Services
  • A quick jumpstart into application security for your team to test the waters and discuss current or planned architecture - Security Therapy.
  • Customized training or workshops for your developers and testers in Application Security and DevSecOps.
  • A right-sized continuous application security program for your organization - Software Security Initiative.
  • Someone to help you prioritize and get started with application security activities - Application Security Champion.
  • Help analyzing your maturity and readiness - Maturity Assessment or Threat Modeling Exercise.
  • An assessment of the security of your development process and development environments - DevOps and CI/CD Security Assessment.
  • Someone to design and implement your software securely - Secure Development.
  • A security review of your codebase - Code Review.

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