A report by Recorded Future and Truesec

Threats to the Swedish Financial Sector in 2021

Get in the driver's seat of preparing your organization against the cyber threats most likely to hit the financial industry. Learn from the analysis and follow our recommendations.

Reading this report, you'll discover the most common financial industry cyber attack trends, cybercriminals’ dark web forum discussions, and the imminent threat of DDoS attacks. You'll also acquire key knowledge and cybersecurity recommendations for 2022.

Examples of Key Judgments in the Report:

  • In most cases, criminals on the dark web, underground forums, and marketplaces prefer to target financial organizations’ customers rather than the organizations themselves
  • DDoS attacks have recently emerged as a major threat against financial organizations, including those in Sweden. They represent nearly all known successful attacks against financial institutions in Sweden
  • The “successful” ransomware attack against Aktieinvest in Q4 2021 shows that the rapid growth of ransomware means that the threat to medium-sized fintech companies, below the big banks, may now be increasing

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Attack types against victims of cyber attacks in Sweden, January-June 2021

Cyber Attack Types


ransomware attacks


access harvesting attacks


resource hijacking attacks

About the Report

Cyber Threat Intelligence Expertise Combined

This report is based on real-world cyber threats toward Swedish financial organizations during 2021 and is a joint analysis made by experts from Recorded Future and Truesec.

In the Report; Threat Analysis, Outlook, and Recommendations:
  • Major trends in cyber attacks against Sweden
  • Under the surface, Sweden faces multiple cyber threats
  • Dark web/underground forum discussion of the Swedish financial sector
  • DDoS attacks pose a high threat to finance in 2021
  • Outlook and recommendations