Design and Build Modern Datacenters

Design and Build Modern Data Centers

The members of Truesec Data Center and Cloud Team are experts in building infrastructure services both on-premises and in the Cloud. Leveraging the latest technology to provide scalable, cost efficient, secure, and dynamic solutions for the modern data center based on Microsoft technology and commodity hardware or Cloud services.

Design & build modern datacenters

We Deliver Services in Private/Hybrid/Public Cloud, Such As:

  • Building Private Cloud and Data Centers
  • OS Deployment
  • OS Deployment Health Check
  • Self-Services
  • Monitoring and Automatic Remediation
  • Storage Optimization
  • Extend the Cloud to On-Premises
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Automation – Service Manager, Orchestrator, PowerShell, SMA
  • Microsoft Virtualization
  • Design and Implementation of Windows Server
  • Post Installation Monitoring and Assistance
  • Remote Desktop and VDI Solutions

We Will Guide You to the Right Solution for You

In any part of a project, Truesec will provide designing, building, implementing and managing reliable IT infrastructures and modernize processes across complex IT landscapes.  We share valuable skills, know-how, best practices, effective methods, and our real-world experiences, so you acquire the right tools to manage your own IT environment.

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