Announcing Anna Averud as new CEO of TRUESEC Group

Published: 2019-09-20

Navigating through todays reality with an ever-growing number of cyber incidents and diversity of security threats, there’s a need for security services and a reliable security partner. In a series of strategic moves to meet the new demands on the market, Truesec appoints Anna Averud as CEO of the company group.

Anna Averud CEO Truesec Group AB

After 25 years in the IT industry, and 5 years with Truesec, Anna Averud is not only well known, but is a strong leader with an excellent track record and an extensive network. She has broad experience from leading different business transformations, working as an investor, business lead and developer. She also serves as a board member in a number of different Tech firms.

“I’m proud to represent Truesec Group as CEO. An IT-security business delivering value through +100 colleagues pushing them self to create a safer world every day. Truesec Group is a unique group of colleagues, teams and companies that make a difference through our commitment and passion for the subject and the results. And my promise is – we will be seen more, become more and do more!”, Anna states.

In this new setting, with IT security top-of-mind, Truesec Group has a great position on the market. Through organizational growth and acceleration, Truesec will meet our customers’ demands and help them in their digital journey. We are relevant, have the power to deliver, and solve the most complex issues for companies worldwide.

“A safer world is a better world; we make a difference!” Anna Averud, CEO Truesec Group AB.

Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

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