Davide Girardi is speaking about mainframe attacks at the Guide Share Europe 2019

Published: 2019-11-12

Guide Share Europe (GSE) asks: are you ready to guide the future of IT? Truesec security expert and passionate geek, Davide Girardi, truly is and at GSE's upcoming event in November, he will hold a talk about his findings when successfully hacking into mainframes.

Guide Share Europe Davide Girardi

The 2020 Enterprise is the theme of this year’s Guide Share Europe conference in the Netherlands, November 21st. An event for executives, system programmers, developers and people who work with mainframes worldwide to get “ahead of the curve” regarding upcoming issues in 2020.

Davide Girardi will deliver everything but a regular talk

He will share his insights and tools for attacking mainframes:

What happens when an attacker jumps directly to a high-value target and take their time to escalate their privileges with a remote and encrypted connection?

It is possible to exploit some built-in features, giving a malicious user remote control and even traffic routing via the mainframe. Would you be able to spot something like this?

Davide Girardi Mainframe hacking Presentation

You don’t need to know how to secure a mainframe, until you do!

Check out the event and full agenda here!


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