TrueSec experts are presenting at Dustin Expo 2018

Published: 2018-02-14

Dustin Expo is Sweden’s premier tech conference, showcasing what’s new in the world of IT and tech both for businesses and consumers. TrueSec hosts three sessions run by the experts Fabio Viggiani, Hasain Alshakarti, Mikael Lagström and Mikael Nyström.

TrueSec consultants are speaking at Dustin Expo A snapshot of Marcus Murray speaking at Dustin Expo 2017.

At this years Dustin Expo, we have been invited to speak about cybersecurity threats and the latest updates and features on the Windows platform.

Windows 10 and Windows Server LTCS and SAC – How does a company relate to these changes?

Mikael Nyström, Microsoft MVP och Principal Technical Architect TrueSec. Thursday March 22nd, at 15.05-16.05.

Read more about the session here!

Get ready for cyber attacks!

Hasain Alshakarti, senior consultant in cybersecurity and Windows, and Fabio Viggiani, Penetration testing expert and Technical Lead at TrueSec. Friday March 23d, at 11.00-12.00.

Read more about the session here!

Security risks in your daily life – What risks do you expose yourself to online? And how can you avoid the dangers?

Mikael Lagström, security expert and VP Security Services at TrueSec. Saturday March 24th, at 11:50-12:20.

Read more about Mikaels session here!


We hope to see you at Dustin Expo!

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