Fredrik Hagfjäll - a hungry Application Security Tester is onboard the development team

Published: 2017-08-08

The TrueSec Development Team is pleased to announce that we have a new Application Security Tester on the team. Fredrik Hagfjäll started on August 7th and will have his base in Malmö.

Fredrik Hagfjäll Application Security Tester at TrueSec

Following his onboarding, Fredrik will start with code reviews and penetration testing of web and phone applications.

Since Fredrik was only ten years old, he has had a Linux-server at home. Understanding how complex systems are built and looking for shortcomings is his greatest driving force, regardless if it concerns web services, applications or built-in hardware. He has a true hunger for knowledge!

Fredrik’s master’s degree in Information and Communication Engineering Technologies from LTH in Lund, combined with a part-time job as a developer, has given him current skills that will enhance our team’s effectiveness.

“The freedom of a small company, with the ability to influence and have an impact on assignments, is what excites me about this role!” Fredrik says.

We’re happy to add Fredrik to our team – you are welcome onboard!

Fun Facts
Title: Application Security Tester
Geek Strengths: Linux/OSX & bash
Mission: To improve data security in society to secure the future in an increasingly connected world!
Phone: +46 707 77 35 08

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