Huge investment in cyber security in Karlskrona

Published: 2017-02-22

For many years, Karlskrona have made investments in education, research and development in IT and cyber security. By 2017, TrueSec will therefore strengthen the local presence by creating a new business in the region focusing on close collaboration with both Blekinge college and surrounding businesses.

Mikael Lagström, VP Security Services TrueSec Karlskrona Mikael Lagström, VP Security Services TrueSec Karlskrona

Due to rapid development, advanced research and higher education, Karlskrona has become a strategically important place for IT security companies to establish within. Blekinge University of Technology (BTH), which offers technical education in cyber security, and Blue Science Park as an independent meeting place, connects skilled individuals and businesses . In 2017, TrueSec will focus on building a new business focusing on cyber security in the area.

“We know Karlskrona is a strategically important place for us to be active in. Blekinge University of Technology has long invested in cyber security training, so new professionals are emerging. Science Park enables innovative meetings, and that’s exactly where we want to be!”, says Marcus Murray, Cyber Security Manager at TrueSec.

To manage the investment, Mikael Lagström, former Vice President Services at OutPost24, will drive and further develop the business. He has wide experience from the IT industry and has worked as a business manager at Outpost24, where he successfully built up and developed a new organization within IT security services.

“I am passionate about cyber security and have a long history of building strong, long-term customer and supplier relationships, organizational development and service packages. Maybe you can call me a multicolor artist? I can see and understand business benefits and values for the customer at the same time and have a large network of contacts both locally and internationally. I believe almost anything is possible from here,” says Mikael.

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