Information about the global ransomware attack WannaCry

Published: 2017-05-17

Wannacry is the biggest global cyber-attack ever of its kind. The global ransomware has infected over 300,000 computers in close to 150 countries. Due to the current situation, we have put together an incident team that can support our customers when it comes to protection, detection and management of ransomware attacks.

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Our incident team has developed a guiding document with advice on how to protect against ransomware such as Wannacry. Check out the steps below:

Wannacry and Wannacrypt

What is Wannacry?

Wannacry is a malicious self-propagating worm that utilizes a known security hole in the Windows platform and has spread and infected over 200,000 PCs worldwide. The infected computers and connected network resources are encrypted and the mask scans the network to spread itself to more vulnerable computers on the network. The attackers require Bitcoin to unlock the clients again. MSB, Sweden’s Civil Protection and Emergency Agency, has sent out a warning that this behavior nurtures crime and there is no guarantee that the computers will be unlocked.

The spread of the malicious code is believed to have started by someone who has clicked on a link or opened an attachment in an email containing the code. However, concern remains that the attackers might update the virus and can carry out a new attack. Therefore, we encourage everyone to review and address the advice below of how companies and organizations can protect themselves from this attack.

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