Jakob Trusz boosts the penetration testing team at TrueSec

Published: 2018-01-18

TrueSec Security Team got a new fellow colleague, penetration tester Jakob Trusz. Primarily he’ll work with performing penetration tests and developing new ways of automating tests and analysis methods.

Jakob Trusz penetration tester TrueSec Jakob Trusz, penetration tester at TrueSec

Before TrueSec, Jakob was employed at Enfo, BTH and Outpost24. He has been working with different assignments such as APT Malware analysis, compliance software development and OpenStack research. His work required high levels of autonomy, planning and technical expertise.

“TrueSec is an industry-leading company that provides unique levels of penetration testing and security analysis. Here, I’ll have the opportunity to hack, learn and develop bleeding-edge cyberattacks and secure solutions. I look forward to leading projects and building customer relations”, says Jakob.

TrueSec’s customers can look forward to another security enthusiast who will work hard to ensure that vulnerabilities are found, proper remediations are explained, and new tools are developed to make security tests more thorough than ever.

Welcome to the team Jakob!


More about Jakob

Geek Strengths: Automate all the things, trying to beat the https://xkcd.com/1319/ curve. I am mainly a “jack of all trades” with experience in everything between project/team leading, web application testing and malware unpacking.
Title: Cyber Security Consultant
Certification: Degree of Master of Science in Engineering: Computer Security
Email: jakob.trusz@truesec.com
Phone: +46 709 18 30 24

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