Johan Lindström the consultant manager with a different approach

Published: 2019-10-11

Consultant Manager Johan Lindström is always up for a challenge. Let's get to know him!

Johan Lindström Consultant Manager Truesec

Johan, welcome! Our team spotted your expertise and charm. Now you are onboard, but why  did you choose  Truesec? 

I really liked the philosophy of having fun while working, but I also saw that my profile would fit well  into  Truesec’s ongoing journey. We are rapidly growing, the demand for our services is intensifying and also the need to get the right resourses and experts to work here.

So, what is  your mission in your new role? 

To take our customer experience to the next level. I want to find customers with a strong determination and will to grow a more strategic partnership together with Truesec over a longer period of time.  I’m also a team player, so maintaining a good working environment within our team is important. 

We need to challenge each other  to become even better. That’s what I’m aiming for!

What experiences will you bring? 

Unlike  many other technically highly skilled consultants that work here, technology is not my prime. I will however bring  a lot of experience when it comes  to Customer management, Leadership and  structure.  I’m also one  of  few that  actually loves  procurements which I have gotten rather good at.

What’s your main priorities right now?

In my private life, my family and good health are top priority, of course. But at work, good relationships with my colleagues  and also honest customer relationships are important to me. 

Other fun facts we ought to know about you?

I’m always up for a sport challenge whatever it is. Even though I have  ok endurance from cycling (MTB preferably), I am totally useless when it comes to running. 

Your name:  Johan Lindström 
Years in the industry:  15 
Official job title:  Manager 
Reach me on Linkedin.

We are happy to have you onboard!

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