Meet Ted Molin, expert in cloud services and Office365 at TRUESEC

Published: 2019-12-16

With 20 years in the IT industry, most recently in fintech, designing and building secure and efficient IT-solutions, Ted Molin, has stepped into the role as Truesec Senior Consultant. To get to know our next shooting star, we asked him a few questions!

Ted Molin Truesec Expert

Ted, how did you get to know about TRUESEC? 

I’ve seen almost all of my new colleagues at Truesec, speaking onstage at various events. I got to know a few of them when they were hired to build a new fabric at my former employer. I was the team lead of the group that started the design of the solution. 

What experiences do you bring into your new role? 

Most recently I took part in a project to migrate a Swedish digital bank from two separate hosting providers to Azure. The bank used only Office 365 before, but after the migration they were 100% Azure.  

The bank had challenges with big databases, huge data volumes, and integrations with customers and other service providers. Downtime also needed to be kept to an absolute minimum during the move. 

To improve security and productivity the bank has continued to implement more security and monitoring solutions after the initial move 

Microsoft was very impressed with the move. As a result, they did a short commercial shoot about the project. Watch it on YouTube!

Before working with the bank, I worked almost 20 years with datacenters and hosting at different companies such as media, health care and hosting companies. 

Wow, your merits are impressive! How come you choose to work at TRUESEC? 

Why not choose Truesec if given the chance? I work with some of the world’s leading experts to build and maintain modern and/or cutting-edge solutions for our customers. Coincidentally this is just what I have a passion for doing! 

What’s your mission in your new role? 

I will help our customers design and build secure, efficient and robust IT-solutions with Azure cloud services, Office365 security, and Windows Server Infrastructure.

What’s most important to you right now? 

My family and staying healthy. I also want to learn new things and to constantly improve. 

Other fun facts we ought to know about you? 

I compete in swimming. I’m the current record holder for the fastest swim in Swedens longest open water race “Vidösternsimmet, which is more than 22km long. I’ve also completed two Iron Man triathlons.  

You seem to be a fighter on all levels. It’s great to have you onboard Ted! 

//Team Truesec


Get in contact with Ted Molin

Email: ted.molin[at] 

Phone: +46 (0)709-18 30 96 




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