Penetration testers Davide Girardi & Erik Wilhelmsson joined TrueSec

Published: 2017-09-13

In April, we announced that TrueSec intends to strengthen the local presence in Karlskrona. Already on August 1st the office had grown by two experienced penetration testers - Davide Girardi and Erik Wilhelmsson. As TrueSec Cyber Security Consultants they will assist our customers in identifying and solving well-known and new vulnerabilities, to create secure IT environments.

Two months have passed since the start of their employment, and Davide and Erik have already found their place at TrueSec.

Davide is a passionate and just-about-right evil penetration tester. During his career, he has worked within IT infrastructure, network defense, penetration testing, vulnerability research and IT security training.

“My main interests are advanced persistent attacks and vulnerability research. I love to combine these passions to create new tools, finding ways around intrusion prevention systems and to help our customer identify and solve both known and new vulnerabilities.”, Davide says.

Erik has an academic background from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH), where he studied Computer Science. Since a few years back, he has worked as a Web Application Analyst at Outpost24 in Karlskrona. His strengths are mainly web application security testing and penetration testing.

“I’m bringing broad knowledge about IT and a ‘what would a bad guy do’-mindset to the table. I look forward to helping our customers to detect their weak links in their IT environment.” Erik declares enthusiastically.

”I am very happy to have these two talented and fun-to-be-with-guys onboard, in our effort to establish TrueSec here in the IT and Telecom region, southeast of Sweden. We are already deeply involved in ongoing high-profile projects and look forward to upcoming ones. But we’re still looking at more candidates for future hires here in Karlskrona”, Mikael Lagström, VP Security Services TrueSec says.

Welcome to the Security Team, Davide and Erik!

Davide Girardi Senior Cyber Security Consultant TrueSecDavide Girardi’s Geek Strengths

Title: Senior Cyber Security Consultant
Geek Strengths: I can solve the Rubik’s Cube with my own algorithms and bypass your filtering just by looking at it
Phone: +46 (0)709 18 30 32

Erik Wilhelmsson Senior Cyber Security Consultant TrueSecErik Wilhelmsson’s Geek Strengths

Title: Cyber Security Consultant
Geek Strengths: Malicious mindset. My mission is to become the best in finding cve:s and giving them pretty names. ☺
Phone: +46 (0)709 18 30 19

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