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Predict Cyber Attacks With Continuous Threat Monitoring


The criminal cyber ecosystem is constantly evolving. Every day, organizations are breached, with immense impact on operations and rippling effects in our connected society. The attack timeline starts long before the actual breach, and the consequences of a third-party compromise might very well affect your organization.

To build long-term resilience against cyber attacks, Truesec launches Continuous Threat Monitoring, a Threat Intelligence service to extend threat monitoring beyond your perimeter into the adversary’s space.

"The criminal underground market for buying and selling access to organizations is rapidly growing. These access brokerages have become essential to the entire cybercriminal ecosystem. Threat groups are actively purchasing access to organizations to scale and speed up their criminal activities." says Christoffer Strömblad, Threat Intelligence Analyst at Truesec.

“Today, organizations need to monitor for credential leaks or access brokers selling access to their estate of infrastructure, servers, clients, and users.”

Build a Strong Cyber Defence With Continuous Threat Monitoring

The attack timeline is wider than the time from breach to incident response. Continuous Threat Monitoring extends the threat monitoring capability to the outside of your perimeter, to the adversary’s space, taking back initiative from the attackers.

Continuous Threat Monitoring provides unique access to a constant stream of relevant and actionable intelligence about threat activity that will enable strategic decisions to build defensive capabilities for long-term resilience against cyber attacks.

About Truesecs Continuous Threat Monitoring Service

Truesecs CTM enables the capability to:

  • Predict attacks by discovering indications that may lead to an attack, such as typo-squatted domains, newly registered certificates, or targeted attacker campaigns.
  • Prevent attacks by reacting when access brokers are willing to buy or sell access to accounts, systems, or entire organizations.
  • Discover and respond to leaked credentials.

Learn more about how this service can help your organization build stronger cyberdefense and other Threat Intelligence services here.

Christoffer Strömblad Explains More in This Video

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