Meet Simon Binder, the Microsoft 365 expert

Published: 2019-10-28

Simon Binder is the IT expert with a people centric approach aiming to make a true difference. Now stepping into the role as Principal Technical Architect at Truesec.

Simon Binder Truesec O365 expert

When did you first get into computers?

I still remember our first computer when I was 7, which basically ran a paint program and the Pettsson & Findus-game. Since then I’ve been a geek, and IT has always been a vital part of my life. I started to work with IT for real at the F-Secure helpdesk, and that’s still one of the most important year in my career. You learn a lot about customer service when sitting in a first line helpdesk.

Born with a computer in your lap then. So, why did you choose to team up with Truesec?

Because I believe in the combination of infrastructure, security and people, which I feel is at the core of Truesecs culture as well.

When I first started off in IT, 10 years ago, Truesec were one of the first companies I bumped into at user groups and conferences. Since then, many of my new colleagues have been role models and when the opportunity to join were offered to me, it really wasn’t a hard choice to make.

I love the culture of sharing knowledge at conferences, user groups, events and blogs – which is something I enjoy, and feel is important in the IT industry today, states Simon.

And now you are part of our expert team. Awesome, so what is your head focus right now?

Microsoft 365 and Azure, but I come with the experience to tell our customers when a solution that´s hybrid or on-prem will be a better solution for them. I also strongly feel that a people centric view should be at the core of all technical projects.

I bring a lot of insights from public sector especially, but also from several Windows 10 and Modern Management projects. Just before I left my old employer, I finished an upcoming global case study for Windows as a Service management.

What’s your mission as a professional?

I see it as my mission to help organizations realize the value, benefits and challenges with the public cloud.

My technical core is device management using Intune and ConfigMgr, but I have plenty of experience across Microsoft 365 in general, especially Identity, Security and Compliance. On top of that I have worked closely with Microsoft on Windows Virtual Desktop. I’m also passionate about Windows as a Service management and continuous development from an infrastructure perspective in general.

So, tell us about your current priorities

To get challenged and challenge others – with the highest respect for other people’s views. I love problem solving and to constantly learn. It’s important to me to feel that I make a difference, both for our customers and for Truesec.

What’s most important to you right now?

My family of course, but also relations to other people. It’s important to me to help people grow and show appreciation.

Tell us something about yourself!

I’m very interested in whisky, beer and one of the founders of a small whisky society in Linköping. I used to train and compete in Lindy Hop, bugg, Boogie Woogie etc. and I love being outdoors. Either hiking, exercising or just being out with my family taking a fika or lighting a fire to grill some sausages.

Thank you for sharing and welcome to the team Simon!

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