SOC Operations Manager Daniel Edholm about being an enabler with a touch of adrenaline desire

Published: 2019-12-19

Truesec Security Operations Center (SOC) is up 24/7: monitoring, threat hunting and investigating suspicious behavior. Everything in order to minimize the impact of every attack, which probably is more common than one might think. When asking Daniel Edholm, Truesec SOC Operation Manager, what he hopes to achieve in his new role, he is very clear.

Daniel Edholm Truesec Operations Manager

“To improve our delivery to our customers.
By developing our team members competence and skills, using “fit for purpose” and “fit for use” technology, we will improve our delivery and be better in finding suspicious activity. Our mission is to provide the best detect and response capacity, not to forward alarms.”

Previous, Daniel built a full-scale Network Operations Center at NetNordic. Responsible for The Network Operations Centers structure was designed by business input, customer expectations and earlier experiences from operators.

Daniel, what inspires you at work?

To find the potential in each and every individual in a team and make that potential create a difference together. The fact that people I have the pleasure to work with is curious, highly skilled and challenging inspires me even more. I like to think of myself as an enabler. By putting up goals and together with the whole team set a plan for our development, we can achieve great things. Because together, we are strong, and I believe it’s important that each person is seen and feel that they can develop and contributes.

What is it about Truesec you find thrilling?

The culture and the genuine interest for security and IT in general, I like quick progress and can get a bit impatient if I’m not challenged in my role. Truesec have proved to be an organization with a high pace where we continuously encourage to challenge each other and our surroundings.

It’s clear to me that this company is built on a very strong culture. An environment where everybody will be heard. We take advantage of all ideas put together which gives the company incredible capacity!

Could you tell us about a current project?

We have a lot of projects going on, a lot of new customers are onboarded in our SOC which confirming that we deliver a service that highly matters. Each customer has their own environment with its own challenges which means every onboarding is a unique project, that said I am impressed by how efficient our onboarding of the whole service is carried out. We’ve also carried out a new service recently, Threat Check, a two-week threat assessment where we provide a full report of the current threat status and recommended actions.

I can probably talk for hours regarding different projects, but overall, we have a lot of increment initiatives in order to keep up the quality of our service, both technical and operational, as we see technology as an enabler for our operational excellence.

When you are not working, what do you focus on?

Outside the office I find it very stimulating to explore the area outside my comfort-zone and try new things. That makes me develop on a personal level and I like the energy of the fast learning curve that usually comes with it. “New things” can preferably refer to something involving an adrenaline rush.

My comfort zone on the other hand is where I have time for myself where I can reflect, process and learn from the “new things”.  So, my focus when I’m not working is pretty similar to when I work, challenge old habits in order to grow and develop.

Welcome to Truesec, Daniel!

We hope you will enjoy the ride.

/Team Truesec

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