Security specialist Suresh Ramasuppu leads TrueSec's major investment in a Security Operations Center

When taking a close look at cyber security programs, too often the capability to detect and respond to cyber-attacks is a piece of the puzzle that is missing. This is a serious concern since cyber-attacks and intrusions are impossible to prevent, given how exposed everyone is to the Internet and partner networks. TrueSec customers are increasingly aware of the need to have eyes on what security events are happening in their IT infrastructure. They have requested a high quality Managed Detection Service to become an integrated part of their cyber security organization.

Security specialist Suresh Ramasuppu TrueSec

Therefore, TrueSec established a Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor our clients’ IT environments. An investment that calls for accuracy and experience, but also an individual who can shape the service to meet our customers’ requirements.

To lead the development process and implement the service, TrueSec recruited Suresh Ramasuppu, a former security specialist from the Swedish Police Computer Emergency Response Team (PM-CERT). Together with skilled penetration testers, developers and security specialists from TrueSec’s Security Team, he has set up and manages the new TrueSec SOC.

”At the Swedish Police Department., my primary task was to detect and respond to hacker attacks, aimed at the police’s IT infrastructure. I had the privilege of being part of the effort to build and establish a Security Operations Center and a Computer Emergency Response Team. After the establishment, I functioned as a coordinator of PM-CERT; experience that is very valuable in this project at TrueSec.”, says Suresh.

Marcus Murray TrueSec

“Suresh could probably write security reports, GAP analyzes and security policies in his sleep. But his strongest asset is his experience in building effective security monitoring and incident management within an organization from scratch. To get him on the team is a true blessing”. says Marcus Murray, Cyber Security Team Manager at TrueSec.

TrueSec has assembled an experienced team of IT security specialists to support the SOC. A great starting position when delivering detection and incident management capability to all TrueSec customers.

“My driving force is in general to build modern cyber security programs that are based on real risks and real-world incidents and to help Swedish companies and government agencies to develop their capability to detect and respond to cyber-attacks.” Suresh.

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