TrueSec Development Team is growing with security software engineer Christoffer Sawicki

Published: 2018-01-10

In November, Christoffer Sawicki joined TrueSec. He is a security software engineer, and will work with both internal and customer projects, but also perform code, architecture, and security reviews.

Work at TrueSec

Since 2006, Christoffer has worked professionally with software. At his latest employer Omegapoint, he consulted in telecom and with PKI, and at Digifort he developed a web IDS.

“I’m very interested in how computer programs are expressed and how different choices affect maintainability and the number of defects. Functional programming and domain-specific languages have a special place in my toolbox.”, Christoffer.

Many years of reading bug and vulnerability reports has instilled a healthy level of paranoia that makes him want to tackle correctness by design. He subscribes to Julia Evans’ theory of how to be a wizard programmer and thinks Hammock Driven Development is the right strategy to solve hard problems.

“Many of the TrueSec Dev team members already knew Christoffer from previous security-related customer projects. We are extremely proud that he decided to join our team. Christoffer’s background in security services and consulting is a perfect match with our fast-growing businesses within Application Security and Development”, says Emil Kvarnhammar, CEO TrueSec Syd.

Fun Facts about Christoffer

Geek Strengths: Curiosity and patience.
On the Web:,, and on Twitter @qerub.
Certifications: Certified ScrumMaster (Crisp), Functional Programming Principles in Scala (Coursera), Principles of Reactive Programming (Coursera)
Phone: +46 704 28 48 22

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