Truesec holding keynote for the Threats and Security IFI event

Published: 2021-05-14

Truesec has been asked to hold the Keynote at the event to set the stage for the rest of the day. Furthermore, Annika will talk about her long experience as an Incident Manager from real world cases from the digital trenches. The day will be closed in a session with IFIs CEO discussing the highlights of the day.

A global survey shows that close to three out of ten Swedish IT managers feel that they are far behind in security work. At the same time, the number of cyber threats and attacks is increasing at a high rate. There is a great need to raise the level of competence around both of the threats we face and how we get structured security work to protect us from these.

During the conference Threats and Security on 20 May, IFI offers a full day on the theme of cyber security & information security. Then expert lectures are interspersed with highly topical internships from companies that share their experiences. We take a closer look at today’s threats such as hacker attacks and ransomware. What do you do if there is a sharp situation? And how do you work preventively to avoid attacks?

To succeed in cyber security work, the issue needs to be raised high in the organization. How do we increase management’s understanding of the issues and get them on track? It is also important to increase awareness throughout the organization in order to maintain a high level of security, as the human factor often contributes to this.

Meet Truesec experts Mats Hultgren and Annika Hedlund at “Hot och Säkerhet” on the 20th of May.

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