Truesec launches a new Threat Check Service

Published: 2019-12-09

As the leading specialist cybersecurity company in northern Europe and a trusted cybersecurity advisor, Truesec has developed a unique understanding of the threat landscape, and how threat actors attack organizations worldwide.

Threat Check Truesec

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are potential targets today. All rely on IT to enable production and store digital assets. A data breach can generate massive revenue loss and bring entire organizations to its knees.

Mats Hultgren Lead Incident Manager Truesec

Mats Hultgren, Lead Incident Manager at Truesec.


“In almost every incident response scenario today, we find old signs of data breaches. It just goes to show that most breaches goes on unnoticed.”

Threat Check determines if you have been or are under attack

With our profound insight and knowledge, our security experts have seen a great need among customers to get a better understanding and to assess their current threat situation. To meet the markets demands, we have developed a new service to help organizations determine if they have been or are under attack. We call this a Threat Check.

Read more about the Threat Check Service here!

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