Truesec defending customers against cyberthreats now as part of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Published: 2020-07-14

Truesec joins the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association in 2020. Truesec will use skills and expert competence to defend customers against cybersecurity threats.

Microsoft Intelligence Security Association Truesec member

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated with Microsoft security to better defend against a world of increasing cyberthreats.

Truesec is proud to have been selected, as one of the only MSSPs in Sweden, to be included in Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. It is an indication for customers that Truesec provides smart and top security services available to defend against a world of increasing threats.

”Our customers security is the most important thing to us. To have a technology partner that delivers continuous innovation and stability is key to our success in keeping our customers safe from cyber incidents. We value our relationship with Microsoft greatly and look forward to develop it further by being a part of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association,”

– Fredrik Sjöberg, CEO of Truesec Detect.


“The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association has grown into a vibrant ecosystem comprised of the most reliable and trusted security experts across the globe. Our members, like Truesec, share Microsoft’s commitment to collaborate within the cybersecurity community to improve our customers’ ability to predict, detect, and respond to security threats faster.”

– Rani Lofstrom, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Security


Microsoft technology integrated in Truesec Security Operations Center (SOC)

Truesec offers a 24/7, 365 Detect & Disarm SOC-service to customers using Microsoft’s leading security technology. Adding in-depth knowledge of highly skilled cyber security experts to analyze alerts to filter out false positives to only communicate relevant incidents and recommendations to customers. If needed, Truesec experts can help with incident response or forensics.

By joining Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, Truesec will be able to share intelligence and leverage that intelligence sharing, to keep customers safe.

Read more about Truesec SOC-service here!

Detect and disarm cyberattacks

Truesecs Security Operations Center (SOC) give your organization the capability to detect and respond quickly to cyberattacks.

Read about Truesec SOC

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