We took the pulse on our Cyber Security Trainee Carlo Alberto Scola

Published: 2019-12-05

Four trainees, three months and a hectic schedule. We took the pulse on one of our four Cyber Security Trainees.

Carlo Alberto Scola Cyber Security Trainee Truesec

Carlo Alberto Scola, Truesec Cyber Security Trainee 2019

Carlo, a master student at the department of Communication Systems at KTH. Ever since he was a child, he’s been passionate about cyber security. He has spent the last years studying and practicing in his free time.  

In Italy I became a member of a university managed study group called CeSeNa where we weekly share security knowledge. We practiced on CTFs and organize in-university conferences. I followed and achieved some security certifications and I hope to keep doing that in the future. Now I am studying and working/training at Truesec and I am learning a lot. 

Why did you decide to apply? 

I was looking for companies in the cyber security field and for penetration tester positions and got in contact directly with Anders Oscarsson, CEO Truesec AB. He informed and proposed I’d apply for the program. And it was exactly what I was looking for. A very good way to get into the field, learning from experts and start making real exciting experience, and Truesec seemed very professional, competent and future oriented.  

What is it like spending your days at Truesec? 

I would say that I am learning a lot from all the people that surround me, I am making new connections and I feel very included into the company.  

It is like doing what you love in a manner that repays you in multiple ways. One of which is the possibility to learn from very experienced people in a dynamic tech environment. 

What have you done during the weeks you have been here? 

We focused on different systems and aspects of security. From Windows infrastructure to Linux systems, from Web pentest to windows health checks, from security policies to GDPR 

Each week has given us more insights and is training us for different scenarios and different attacks. We have been visiting the Truesec office in Karlskrona where the guys teached us about Linux and gave us a very warm welcome. We plan to visit other offices too and get to know even better about Truesec. 

Every aspect we are going through is very important and it’s exactly what we need to master in order to become experts. Furthermore, I am enjoying every single byte of the program. 🙂

Name three of the best things about Truesec trainee program. 

  1. Being next to industry experts and being able to learn by doing and understand how a more experienced person think and approach several different problems. 
  2. Everyone is more than welcome to ask and everyone will put all the effort possible to explain it to you without making you feel uncomfortable. 
  3. We get the occasion, the tools and the people from which we can grow in the most efficient way, its only up to us. 

What is your plan to do when the program is over? 

Truesec has been giving me a great opportunity and I think it is a very valuable occasion to anyone passionate about security to get started. My plans are to make sure to take the most possible out of the training. I want to reach a certain level and I know I am in the right path. Saying that, I really hope to stay with the guys here at Truesec and keep growing with them. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Anders Oscarsson TRUESECWe have brought on juniors to our Sec-team now and then, but this is the first time we have actually run a full-scale trainee program. This has been a pilot project, and we are very positive about the outcome! 


The trainees have developed tremendously during the relatively short period they have been with us. They have mixed practice with classroom training at a high pace and the strong culture of knowledge sharing within Truesec has really showed during the program, as many of our most senior experts have been involved in parts of the training.


I believe the participants have been given a very good platform for a career within Cyber Security and I am very much looking forward to following their development in the future!

– Anders Oscarsson, CEO Truesec AB

Truesec Cyber Security Trainee Program

A great way to kickstart your career in Cyber Security and gain deep insight into an industry that is growing at lightning speed. As a trainee you get a unique chance to develop your skills by cramming out the most useful know-hows from the sharpest minds and best cyber security experts in the world!

If you are interested in joining our next team of trainees, read more about our Cyber Security Trainee Program here!

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