Information security health check

Information security health check

In an information security health check, we look at the IT environment and organizations' approach to information security through a holistic perspective. The health check will present the current state of the organizations' resilience from cyber attacks and provide a GAP analysis of the desired state of your organization compared to the current state.

Information security health check TrueSec Security Summit

When working in the field of information security, we cooperate with our subsidary Addlevel.

The cyber security advisors are renowned experts in the field of Information Security, with CISSP-certifications. They have deep knowledge about ISO 27000, CIS Critical Security Controls, ITIL and several other frameworks as well as regulations and laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

For maximum insight to the current holistic state of the organizations’ information security resilience, the information security health check can and should be combined with a security health check.

Information Security Health Check provides your organization with:

  • A current state of information security within the organization.
  • A detailed report of the findings from the health check, weighted according to risk and exposure.
  • A roadmap with both technical and organizational tracks to help the organization improve their cyber resilience.

Optional: Get access to Addlevel Security Assessment Framework where your organization can track the current state of information security over time and easily get a point in time view through dashboards with recommended actions.

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