Information security policies and guidelines

Information security policies and guidelines

Align your organizations' strategic investments in cyber defence and prepare for the GDPR through implementing information security policies.

Information security policies and guidelines TrueSec Security Summit

The foundation of a resilient cyber defence lies within the governance of technical and organizational security controls. For an organization to be able to govern these controls, policies and processes need to be implemented and understood by the employees, partners and other relevant parties. The most widely accepted standard for creating such policies is ISO 27000.

Experts in information security

When working in the field of information security, we cooperate with our subsidary Addlevel.

The cyber security advisors are renowned experts in the field of Information Security, with CISSP-certifications. They have deep knowledge about ISO 27000, CIS Critical Security Controls, ITIL and several other frameworks as well as regulations and laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

We have been writing policies for Swedish corporations for several years and have now packaged their best practices into an Information Security Policy with associated guidelines. The policies follow ISO 27002 and are complimented by the advisor’s knowledge about real life scenarios, penetration tests, and incident response activities.

About the security policies and guidelines

As a customer you can buy these documents and implement them as is, or you can together with us in workshops customize them to your specific needs.

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