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The Mainframe Computer - A Platform Impossible to Hack?

The perception that common security threats do not apply to mainframes is a myth. It is true that mainframes can be extremely secure, but they are not so by default. Multiple pitfalls can compromise the security of the platform if overlooked.

Mainframe Security Service Truesec

Mainframe computers play a central role in the daily operations of many banks, financial institutions, travel and insurance companies, governments, healthcare, and in both public and private enterprises. They continue to be the foundation of modern businesses, since they contain valuable data such as customer lists, accounting data, employee information, currencies, and more.   This is information that needs to be managed securely and made available to a vast number of authorized users simultaneously.


How to Secure Your Mainframe

Mainframes are incredibly securable but are not impenetrable by default.  As with any complex infrastructure, there are many vulnerabilities that a malicious user could exploit to escalate their privileges in order to mine business uptime, resources, and data. 

To increase the understanding of what is required to secure your mainframe computers, we utilize three different approaches:

1. Mainframe Security Health Check or Penetration Test

We conduct a security health check or penetration test focusing on the mainframe from the attacker’s point of view.

2. Monitoring the Platform

We take advantage of the monitoring solution already in place in the platform, such as SMF and syslog.

3. Implement a SOC (Security Operations Center)

We integrate additional solutions such as monitoring products and detection with a mainframe SOC.


Expert Advice

Truesec’s deep insight into the security world of mainframes is at the highest level.   There are only a few people in the world conducting research and creating tools for mainframe security testing and Davide Girardi is one of them. On a daily basis, he tests and helps secure the systems of banks, financial institutions, state agencies, telecom providers, high-tech companies, insurance agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.  Let him guide you!


Davide Girardi Truesec expert

Davide Girardi

Mainframe and Security Expert
Read his blogpost: 
“Let’s hack a mainframe!”


Make sure your mainframe is secured.  Contact Truesec today for more information on a suitable solution for your specific needs.

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