Phishing Risk Assessment

Phishing Risk Assessment

Phishing plays a key role in the majority of today’s cyberattacks. Adversaries have successfully employed phishing tactics to steal intellectual property, personal information, and other sensitive data that can harm an organization’s competitive advantage and reputation.

Phishing Risk Assessment

Truesec’s Phishing Risk Assessment will not only measure your users’ awareness but also measure the risk of a successful breach and your resilience against an attack.

Why Conduct a Phishing Risk Assessment?

  • It measures the risk of a successful phishing attack against your organization.
  • It lets you measure your organization’s resilience against phishing attacks over time

What is Included?

  • One or two customized phishing email templates
  • A summary report

Optional Add-ons

We can add e-mail templates and payloads such as attachments to the service.  Your users can also receive training from Truesec’s security experts.  It increases your organization’s user resilience against phishing attacks.

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