Ransomware Risk Assessment

Ransomware Risk Assessment

A Ransomware Risk Assessment is a customized service to assess your organization’s ability to counteract a ransomware infection and its spread and to resume operations in event of an infection.

Ransomware Risk Assessment TrueSec service

Truesec’s extensive experience with ransomware incidents provides us with in-depth knowledge of infection methods and proliferation and the various ways to protect your organization.

Ransomware Risk Assessment Assesses the Following:

Risks of an Infection

  • A Phishing Resistance Test
  • Evaluating Administrative Permissions – Client and Server
  • Protection Against Malware
  • Identifying Exposed Databases
  • Assessing Patch Status (and specifically the MS 17-010 patch)

Risk of Spread in the Event of an Infection

  • Shared Permissions
  • System Dependencies

Business Continuity, Technical Aspects

  • Backup Strategy
  • Restore Procedures
  • Incident Management Plans

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