Small-scale Web Security Test

Secure Your Web Applications with a Small-scale Security Test

Are you worried about cybersecurity risks, but don't need a full-scale penetration test? We have a solution for you!

Web Application Security Test TRUESEC

Our small-scale security test will, in a cost-effective way, give you an indication of your web application’s security status.

The first step to strengthen your defense against cybercriminals is to gain insight and detect security weaknesses in your application.  Do you want to know more about how our small security test can secure your web pages?

A Clear Picture of the Security Level on Your Web – In No Time!

We use a methodology based on experience from working in the IT security field and includes the following steps:

  1. Inspection to Identify Security Vulnerabilities – An attacker can exploit to access confidential information.  It is based on the Truesec-developed web inspection tool WebInspect.
  2. Manual Verification of the Result by Our Security Experts – To evaluate the risk and the possible impact the findings could have on your company.
  3. Debriefing of the Results – Truesec’s experts will go through the results and provide recommendations on how to create a more secure web – just as on a full-scale security test.

Do you want to know more about how our small-scale security test can secure your web pages?

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Are you ready to secure your web applications?

Web Security Test by Marcus Millbourn TRUESECContact me, Markus Millbourn, Manager for Truesec WebInspect, for more information about how you can use this service to test your web security.

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