Social Engineering as a Service

Social Engineering as a Service

Companies constantly evolves their technical security capabilities to prevent cyber attacks. However, in the majority of cyber attacks adversaries go around these capabilities by targeting the aspect of a company where security is most neglected - the people. CEO frauds, phishing emails, pretexting calls and physical intrusions are on the rise and constantly in the news. Adversaries successfully employs social engineering tactics to steal intellectual property, personal information, and other sensitive data that can harm an organization’s competitive advantage and reputation.

Social Engineering as a service

TrueSec’s Awareness service is designed to change risky behavior and enable employees to report social engineering attacks.

On a regular basis, TrueSec’s experts will perform social engineering campaigns that include the common social engineering vectors:

  • Spear-phishing to high level executives (e.g. CEO fraud campaigns)
  • Phishing emails with the purpose of stealing login credentials
  • Malware (e.g. ransomware) delivered by e-mail
  • Spear-phishing personnel with high privileges
  • Drive-by attacks
  • Phone calls with the purpose of extracting sensitive information
  • Phone calls with the purpose of influencing the employee to perform an action (e.g. create an account)
  • Physical intrusions (e.g. to photograph sensitive data or plant a rouge device)

The test results are aggregated in a web based dashboard so you can follow your organization’s resilience to social engineering and see improvement over time.

A teachable moment

When employees enters credentials or executes “malware” delivered in a test, they will be presented with an education video about the dangers of social engineering. This gives the employee a valuable teachable moment.

Awareness insights over time

Get deep insights and follow your organization’s improvements over time in TrueSec’s Awareness Dashboard. See how many employees clicked dangerous links, leaked their credentials, downloaded malware, executed malware or reported the attack.

All statistics are anonymized yet gives you the possibility to follow improvement and see results by department and role.

Standardize reporting of phishing

Many times, when an employee suspect phishing they are not aware of the proper reaction. Should they escalate, warn their colleuges, delete or mark as spam? Truesec Phishing Informant is a plugin to the Outlook mail client that is simple to use and allows your employees to report any suspicious mails with a single click. Phishing reports can then be centrally analyzed and correlated. To get expert analysis, the plugin can be integrated with Truesec’s Security Operations Center (SOC).

The service is available on a monthly subscription. Contact us for a quote!

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