TrueSec Managed Detection and Response Service

TrueSec Managed Detection and Response Service - Security Operations Center

Minimize the gap between perceived security and real security. The capability to detect and respond to attacks is a cornerstone in a modern cybersecurity program. All preventive security measures must go hand in hand with continuous security monitoring and incident response. A combination of these will give your organization the best protection against cyberthreats.

TrueSec Managed Detection Service

Breaches happen fast, but can go undetected for weeks or even months. TrueSec Managed Detection Service will give your organization the capability to detect and respond quickly to cyberattacks. Far too many organizations lack this critical piece of the cybersecurity puzzle.

Isn’t it highly unsatisfactory that an attacker can bypass all the security protections that you have invested so many resources in and you can’t even detect it?

Most organizations need to be able to access the Internet and receive e-mail messages from the outside world on the same device that they use to handle sensitive information and access internal systems. E-mail and the web are two great highways for attackers to deliver their malicious code to your IT infrastructure. This means that not even the best information security program can guarantee that intrusions will not happen.

Shift resources from prevention in a balanced way to detection and response.

Who benefits from TrueSec Managed Detection and Response Services?

Our solution is suitable for organisations that:

  • Want to act on the knowledge that having only preventive measures in place, is inadequate to stop intrusions.
  • Have outsourced their IT operations but want a separate cybersecurity partner to monitor and detect external and internal threats.
  • Have already invested in monitoring products, but who don’t have dedicated staff that can use the products and bring value from the investment.
  • Are looking to complement their current security monitoring capabilities with the capability to detect advanced threats.
  • Have difficulties in hiring and keeping cybersecurity experts who have experience in detecting and managing cyberattacks.

TrueSec Security Operations Center will help you answer the simple question: Has anyone bypassed my defences?

The services are delivered from TrueSec Security Operations Center (SOC) in Stockholm. Our ambition is to protect you against the whole spectrum of threats, from broad unsophisticated attacks to targeted and advanced attacks. Examples of more specific questions that TrueSec SOC will help you answer:

Did someone in my organization open that attachment or click that link in the spear-phishing e-mail?
Our SOC will collect and analyse the indicators and patterns that a spear-phishing attack will leave behind on the end-points and in the network traffic. Detecting offensive use of Powershell is an obvious example.

Has an attacker already gotten a foothold and been moving laterally in our IT infrastructure? 
Years of conducting advanced and successful penetration tests of well-defended networks has taught us exactly what indicators to look for, such as if an ordinary user, who don’t belong to the IT department, log into back-end servers from his/her client.

Is someone on the outside controlling any device in my IT environment?
We apply our extensive knowledge gained from analysing network traffic in organizations with high-security requirements.

Our Managed Detection and Response Service enable you to:

  • Gain visibility and control over the risk of intrusion against your organisation.
  • Reach the level of security you need by reducing the gap between your perceived resilience and real resilience against cyberattacks.
  • Speed up the detection and response time and thus containing and minimizing consequences of a breach.
  • Get quick access to cyber security experts.
  • Learn lessons from security events and security incidents to continuously improve your preventive measures.

TrueSec has a unique concentration of cybersecurity experts and incident-response specialists in Sweden. We combine this expertise and customized tools to detect advanced and targeted attacks. We can be either your SOC or your extra set of expert eyes that complements your existing security team.

Learn lessons from security events and security incidents to continuously improve your preventive measures

The Solution

The solution is to have a team of cyber security experts from TrueSec SOC that will continuously defend your IT infrastructure and detect intrusions that are unnoticed by your security functions.

To provide the customer the best detection capability the TrueSec SOC platform includes the following functions:

  • Communications monitoring based on full-packet capture of relevant traffic flows.
  • End-point monitoring (Windows workstations and servers, Linux, OSX) to gain visibility into file executions, process events, file modifications, registry modifications, executed binaries and network connections.
  • Active Directory Security Monitoring

Access to this data can be achieved in three ways:

  1. TrueSec’s own platform is installed in the customer environment
  2. The customer already collects this data with their own tools which means that they just have to give TrueSec SOC access to these tools
  3. The most common scenario – a combination of both approaches above. TrueSec tools complement the customer’s tools to give the SOC the data it requires

The solution of TrueSec Managed Detection Service


In addition to the continuous security monitoring TrueSec Managed Detection and Response Service will provide the following outputs:

Incident reports

  • When TrueSec SOC detects activity assessed to be part of an attack against your IT environment, it is documented in a case ticket and an incident report.
  • Lessions learned.

Monthly reports

  • Reports contain a compilation of the events that have been detected during the previous month and other security observations that the SOC wants to highlight to the customer.
  • Lessons learned from incidents that will give input to security enhancing measures.

Service management activity list

  • This is a common to-do list shared between TrueSec and our customer to manage the service.

Yearly report

  • The report gives an overview of the cybersecurity situation in your organization based on the data that the SOC has processed.
  • Lessons learned from incidents that will give input to security enhancing measures.

It also includes threat reporting based on TrueSec’s combined knowledge.

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