Building a Datacenter or Private Cloud

If you need an on-premise datacenter, for either your own data or as a service provider, it should be constructed in a cost-effective way, and it should be as automated as possible. It also needs to support various scenarios as well as provide support for various workloads. If that is what you need then this training is for you.

In this full 5-day Geek Week you will learn from experts that builds 10-15 datacenters every year how to do it yourself.

Geek Week is not your normal five-day IT course set in a boring classroom where you take your car home when the day is done, to return the next and repeat.

Geek Week is a unique five-day deep dive into technology, set in an inspiring setting where you live with your tutors for the whole week.
This is a concept where you will learn all day all the time, by having access to some of the sharpest brains on the subject 24-7.

BUILDING A DATACENTER OR PRIVATE CLOUD TRUESEC > INFRASTRUCTURE > TRAININGS > BUILDING A DATACENTER OR PRIVATE CLOUD Building a Datacenter or Private Cloud TrueSec Geek Week Markus Lassfolk and Mikael Nyström are your instructors during this geek week.

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The Geek Week Concept

The idea is simple: five days with full focus on new technology with unlimited access to experts and plenty of time to spend with other geeks.

Full focus on new technology from dawn to dusk
Geek Week is a week dedicated to dig into the latest and greatest and give you plenty of time to spend with other IT pros, learn, laugh and have fun! These five days are jam-packed with hands-on labs and practical exercises based on real-world scenarios, with instructors who are leading experts in the field. You are in for many surprises – it’s a promise.

Unlimited access to leading experts
In addition to hanging out with other geeks, you will get plenty of time to work through practical lab exercises and get important insights from the most experienced and sought after IT experts. For this Geek Week, they are combining their many years of experience to teach you everything you need to know, sharing their experiences, know-how, and tips & tricks.

All inclusive
The Geek Week is an all inclusive event. Five nights in single room, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beverages and snacks at break outs.

A very geeky week unlike anything you’ve ever experienced
Based on your interest and profession, you choose which one of the two geek weeks – that takes place at the same venue at the same time – is best for you. Whichever you choose, we guarantee you a very geeky week.


Over 60 percent of the time you spend in class is dedicated to hands-on-labs and exercises, based on self-perceived real-life scenarios and methods verified to work in production environments. And the best part, you get access to all the sample files and scripts, including a solution that will build up the complete lab environment once returned home from the training.

About product versions

You will always run the labs on the latest (working) version of the software in the lab.

Class outline

Windows Server and System Center Technical Drilldown

  • Windows Server
  • System Center Suite

Planning for Datacenter and Private Cloud

  • Architectural concepts and design
  • Fabric and Workload Architecture
  • Hardware requirements and best practices
  • Design of Compute, Network, Storage and Management
  • Scalability of Compute, Network, Storage and Management

Windows Server

  • Security and Role Based Access Control
  • Hyper-V
  • Storage spaces direct
  • Hyper-Converged
  • Scale-out file servers
  • Failover clusters
  • PowerShell, a lot
  • Active Directory and OU design
  • Automation with group policies


  • Creating reference images for deployment
  • Deploying physical and virtual servers

Virtual Machine Manager

  • Configuring networks (switches, connectors, uplinks)
  • Configuring VMM libraries
  • Configuring VMM images
  • Configuring VMM hosts
  • Automatic Patch management using WSUS and VMM integration
  • Using IPMI/PXE to bare-metal deploy Hyper-V hosts
  • Creating templates for VMs
  • Creating a private cloud
  • Implementing Network isolation

Data Protection

  • Configuring protection for files, SQL, Active Directory
  • Configuring protection for VMs
  • Configuring protection for live migration


  • Configuring Operations Manager (SCOM)
  • Configuring Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)
  • Using SCOM to monitor servers and services


  • Configuring Orchestrator
  • Installing Service Management Automation (SMA)
  • Configuring and using Service Management Automation (SMA)
  • Creating runbooks for automation

Self-service and Web Portals

  • Installing and configuring Windows Azure Pack
  • Creating self-service offerings
  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure Stack


  • Windows Admin Center
  • PowerShell

After this Geek Week, you will have the knowledge and understanding to build, use, and administrate a private cloud or datacenter based on Microsoft technology.

The fine print

300 (Advanced)

Who should attend
IT-pros and administrators that wants to build a modern datacenter for an enterprise or hosting environment.

You should have previous experience with Windows Server, Active Directory, infrastructure, virtualization, and Microsoft-based server environments.

Student Lab manual, slide decks, and lab files

Book lab

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price: $ 4,995
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