Implementing Azure Infrastructure as a Service

Learn about Azure's full potential - in three days! This is the lab for you as an IT professional or administrator who wants to see and learn about the main news about Windows Azure.

Azure Infrastructure as a Service Developed and lead by Mikael Nyström.

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: $ 2,495
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The lab is modular, which allows you to choose which modules you want to do and in which order, and you can immerse yourself in certain areas that are more interesting to you.

You will get an understanding of how to best use Microsoft Azure and integrate it with your existing environment by building so-called. Hybrid Cloud.

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Target audience
IT professionals and administrators.

Pre requisite knowledge
Good knowledge in managing Windows Server.

Target objectives
Learn the most important news about features in Microsoft Azure.

Lab manual

Detailed Description
Microsoft Azure Resource Manager
– Users and Groups
– Subscriptions
– Monitoring
– Billing
– Activity Log
– Administrative Delegation
– Marketplace

Resource Groups
– Locations
– Delegation
– Access Control
– Tags

PowerShell management
– Connecting to Azure via PowerShell
– Doing changes unavailable from UI

Virtual Machines
– Availability Sets
– Classic
– Modern
– Sizing
– Deployment
– Extensions

– Storage Accounts
– Recovery Services
– Backup Vaults
– File Shares

– Virtual Networks
– Network-to-Friends
– Routing
– Network Security Groups
– Reserved IPs
– Hybrid Connections
– Express Route
– Load Balancers
– Gateways
– DNS Zones

Log Analytics (OMS)

  • Log Search
  • Solutions
  • Usage
  • Alerts
  • WebHooks
  • Dashboard

Azure Automation

  • Accounts

Book lab

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: $ 2,495
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