Implementing Microsoft 365 Security solutions

With our digital workplaces and infrastructures getting more and more complex we need to take actions to secure them. This course will teach you how to do just that, leveraging Microsoft 365 and Azure technologies.
Don´t assume that this is for cloud environments only, it is as applicable to your on-prem datacenters and clients too. The course is aimed at architects and administrators that are implementing or managing hybrid workplace environments and want to take security to the next level.

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In this lecture style class developed and presented by Simon Binder, Principal Technical Architect at Truesec and Microsoft MVP, you will learn how to protect and defend identities, devices and data using the latest features in Microsoft 365. By understanding how they all fit together and can be integrated, you will realize the opportunities that you may already have access to in your M365 subscriptions.

Starting off with hybrid Identity, including Azure ATP and Identity protection and then move through Office 365 ATP. This allow us to protect not just access to data, but also ensure that we have a first line of defense against malware and phishing attempts.

Next up we will secure our endpoints with Microsoft Defender ATP and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Focus will be on Windows, but we will cover Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS as well – because that is the reality for many IT-administrators out there today.

Once we implemented our first line of defense, it is time to combine them all into Microsoft Cloud App Security and Microsoft Threat Protection. You will learn how Cloud App Security integrated with MD ATP can give you full control of your Shadow IT, and how it become your hub for security. We will also share how you can collect logs from all of these tools, and others, into Azure Sentinel. Showing you how to use a SIEM in the most efficient way.

Lastly, we will put all of this to the test by running simulated attacks and defend against them. You will also be given a unique insight into how Truesec works in a proactive way to protect our customers. The grand final is all about being prepared for when the worst happens and how you should handle an IT-breach or attack. We will share out best approaches from our Incident Response unit, so that you can be more prepared.

When finished the class, you will have a unique and deep understanding of the threat protection stack in Microsoft 365. How you can leverage it in your own environment and how you can prepare for when the worst happens.

Course outline

Cloud protected identities

  • How to properly configure Azure AD Connect and why you should.
  • Azure AD Identity protection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Privileged Identity Management

Threat protection in Office 365 and Azure

  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Data security and compliance
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security – Introduction

Protect and defend your endpoints

  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Windows 10 security and hardening
  • Protecting Linux and MacOS
  • Mobile Device Management using Microsoft Intune
  • Compliance and reporting

Integrations and log management

  • Microsoft Threat Protection
  • Auditing and security in Office 365 and Azure
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security – Deep-dive
  • Azure Sentinel

Real life cyber security

  • Using Microsoft Cloud App Security to control shadow IT
  • Introduction to threat hunting in Azure Sentinel and MDATP
  • Attack simulations
  • Incident response in real life


The fine print

Level 300

Who should attend

IT-security engineers
IT-security architects
Device Administrators
Workplace architects


Understanding of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory
Understanding of especially Windows 10, authentication and security features
Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure services
Understanding of Office 365


Tips and tricks


Book lab

  • Duration: 4 x 1/2 Days
  • Price (USD): $ 1,895
    Price (SEK): 18900:-
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