Mastering System Center Configuration Manager

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Two of our foremost Microsoft MVP's, Johan Arwidmark and Kent Agerlund, will take you through the installation and configuration of the main features in Configuration Manager CB based on Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

The ultimate MDT 2013 and ConfigMgr CB Training Johan Arwidmark is running this training together with Kent Agerlund, Coretech.

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After the course you will have a solid understanding of the product and be able to use and design these features:

  • Installing different site servers
  • Migrating from Configuration Manager 2007/2012
  • Inventory Management
  • Application deployment
  • Software updates
  • Settings management
  • Working with multiple sites
  • Operating System Deployment
  • Integrating with MDT
  • Advanced troubleshooting

These two world leading IT experts will focus on hands-on-labs and exercises, based on self-perceived real life scenarios and methods verified to work in a live environment.

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Target audience
IT-pros and administrators that wants to build real deployment solutions using MDT and ConfigMgr

Pre knowledge requirement
Basic understanding of Active Directory, WSUS and SQL. Basic knowledge of Configuration Manager 2007/2012 or SMS 2003 is helpful not a requirement. 

This class will take you through the design, installation and configuration of the main features in Configuration Manager CB based on Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10. After the training you will have a solid understanding off the product and be able to use and design these features according to best practices:

Student lab manual, slide deck and lab files

Module 01 – ConfigMgr Core Configuration
• Configure Active Directory Environment
• Configure Windows Server Components for the primary site server
• Configure Windows Server Components for the site system server
• Install SQL Server 2012
• Install Windows Assessment and Deployment kit (ADK)
• Install WSUS
Module 02 – Primary Site Server – Installation
• Install ConfigMgr CB
• Create the source folder structure
• Verify the installation and explore the Admin UI
Module 03 – Configure Site Server Components and site systems- Configuration
• Install site systems
• Install new site system server
• Site Maintenance tasks
• Status Summarizers
• Configure Discovery
Module 04 – Migration from ConfigMgr 2007/2012
• Preparing the Configuration Manager environment
• Migrate from ConfigMgr 2012
Module 05 – Role Based Access Control
• Implementing administrative roles
Module 06 – Configuring and Installing clients
• Configuring client settings
• Installing Clients
• Monitoring the Client Policy Process
• Working with client health (check)
• Working with Power Management
• Finish the migration process
Module 07 – Inventory management
• Configure Asset Intelligence
• Working With Inventory Data
• Extending Hardware Inventory
• Software Metering
Module 08 – Queries and Reporting
• Creating queries
• Running canned reports
• Working with SQL Reporting Services
• Modifying reports
Module 09 – Content Management
• Distribution Point groups
• Working with remote distribution points
• Prestage content
Module 10 – Application management
• Install and configure the software web portal
• Work with Applications
• Import applications
• Superseding applications
• Uninstalling applications
Module 11 – Software Updates
• Deploy Software Updates
• Deploy Custom Software Updates
Module 12 – System Center Endpoint Protection
• Enable Endpoint Protection
• Installing and managing SCEP clients
Module 13 – Settings Management
• Create self-remediating configuration items
• Add Configuration Items to a configuration baseline
• Deploy Configuration Baselines
• Verify baselines
Module 14 – Windows 10 Deployment
• ADK, New Tools
• Stop using WDS, use WDS!
• MDT 2013 – High Level
Module 15 – Create a reference image for ConfigMgr CB
• LTI System Requirements
• Creating the server structure
• Add Windows Windows 10 installation files
• Add Applications
• Create the MDT Task Sequence
• Configure the deployment share
• Create a Reference Image
Module 16 – Troubleshooting MDT Lite Touch
• Debugging MDT Lite Touch
Module 17 – Implementing ZTI for ConfigMgr CB
• Deployment Scenarios (Bare metal, Refresh, Replace and offline media)
• Install MDT Zero Touch
• Create boot images
• Add operating system images
• Add Applications
• Add Drivers
• Create Task Sequences
• Configure the rules, distribute content, and deploy task sequences
• Deploy Windows using PXE
Module 18 – Working with Drivers in ConfigMgr 
• Driver Catalog
• Boot Image Drivers
Module 19 – Troubleshooting Zero Touch
• Debugging ConfigMgr 
Module 20 – Using ZTI to Refresh a Computer
• Can you afford not to migrate?
• Refresh a Windows Client
Module 21 – Using ZTI to Replace a Computer
• USMT in Replace Scenario
• Create and execute a Replace Task Sequence
Module 22 – ZTI, Advanced Customizations 
• Rules (Customsettings.ini)
• Create a test environment
• Using the MDT Deployment database
• Assigning Applications (Packages) using Roles
• Use a stored procedure
• Use a UserExit script
• Using User-Driven Installation (UDI) 2.0

Module 23 – Windows 10 Setup Engine
• Image Based Setup
• Apply Images without Setup.exe
• Windows Configuration passes
• Understanding WSIM
• Component based servicing
• Windows Device Drivers

Book lab

  • Duration:
  • Price (USD): $ 3,495
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